Object-oriented presentation


This is a link to the audio recording for my presentation on:

Object-Oriented Philosophy:

Weird Realism and aesthetics as first philosophy

at Sussex University last week. There were some good questions put forward and many interested responses to my quick remarks about Quentin Meillassoux’s Spectral Dilemma.

I won’t upload the paper itself, but I’m working on a long post concerning art, aesthetics and OOP which should be up in the next few weeks. As I’m working a lot and occupied with a tonne of reading (rather than writing), it may have to wait until I’ve digested some really important sources (such as Ortega y Gasset, Danto, Adorno, and some art history) that should help with the aforementioned article.


2 Responses to “Object-oriented presentation”

  1. Charlie Blake Says:

    You’ve covered an amazing amount of ground here Mike! Enjoyed a slow breakfast listening to this this morning. Much to respond to. Am working on a collection with Roger Whitson on SR and the graphic novel which positions well with a lot of the points you raise. (Graham H is doing the afterword). Keep this project rolling…More anon.

    • avoidingthevoid Says:

      Yeah, it was quite epic, but the depth was warranted in order to cover McLuhan and Levinas which guided me nicely into the final dash on art.

      Your book sounds like an essential read. Great to see you have Harman on board, too. I’ll be sure to check it out when it hits the shops.

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